Dubai and the Pyramids

  • 03.23.10

Dubai and the Pyramids.

Greeting from Dubai!!!

In celebration of our wedding anniversary my husband and I decided to combine a bit of pleasure with some work and that took us to Dubai, with a detour to the Pyramids of Egypt.
We had the opportunity to go to Egypt for a couple of days in celebration of our 11th anniversary and we visited the Pyramids.  WOW!!! Amazing is the first word that comes to mind. The Sphinx was impressive.  Our trip was a memorable experience.  And yes, we did ride the camel in the desert.  I must admit I was scared to death at first, but then after a while you get used to. As soon as I get home and I can download the 200 or so pictures I will put one on the blog.
We enjoyed the food as well.  Hummus and freshly squeezed mango are on our top list of favorite.  We had great lamb, nicely salted goat cheese, but mostly fresh vegetables cooked in different sauces.  The olives… well we could not stop eating them.
We stayed right on the river Nile and we had a great view of the city.  We also enjoyed the Egyptian museum and had the opportunity to visit King Tut’s gold mask.  What a history!!!
We really enjoyed the feel of the little bit of the city of Cairo that we experienced.  The peoples were very friendly and very helpful. Unfortunately we only stayed there three of days.
This is our second visit to Dubai.  Great city and great architectural delight.  So many sky scrapers, so many different styles.  The world tallest tower is beautiful.  We went to the beautiful Jumeirah  Beach Hotel, next door to the Burj Al Arab (the sail boat hotel). Impressive and stunning, and  $2500 a night (eek!!!!).  I love the helicopter landing pad.
We had martinis with tapas and the world best chicken wings I ever had, served with this great ginger sauce.  Ginger sauce!!!! I could not stop eating them and my husband could not make me stop eating them.

I will be home by the week-end  and ready for a home cooked meal.

I am wondering what my son will want to eat…..

egypt 2010 piramids copy


Egypt 2010 camel copy egypt 2010 spphynx copy

Cairo, Egypt

dubai 2010 copy

Dubai Barj Al Arab


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