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Holiday Dinner at Fry’s and Give Away!!!

Published on October 24, 2012 | Poultry

Holiday dinner at Fry’s and give away.

Yesterday I was invited by Fry’s Food Stores  to have a pre Holiday Dinner tasting prepared by Fry’s Fresh Attraction Cooking Academy chefs. The goal of this event was to demonstrate how you can have a great meal of your choosing in less than 3 hours, not to get frantic and have all your favorites dishes ingredients prepared together that you only have to follow easy instructions to cook them and serve them.

As most of you know me, I am a bit of an opinionated critic when it comes to store purchased Holidays meals.  Last night I became a new believer and I would like to share with all of you my great experience.

The Cooking Academy is located in the Fry’s Food Stores itself. A very warm, comfortable, clean kitchen.  Not too professionally done to scare you away. We were greeted by the chefs. As they were introducing themselves, they were pulling out all this wonderful food from the ovens. The spread was never ending.

We were treated to three different types of turkeys: Oven Roasted, Cajun Fried and Smoked.  I have two favorite: oven roasted and smoked. I was served a nice piece of breast, which I am never too crazy to eat. Well…. it was as tender and juicy as it can be and I ate it all.

We also had a nice spiral ham. It was tender and juicy as well as  a prime rib.

For side dishes there are so many options offered. The sweet potatoes with cranberries and marshmallows  was my favorite. The marshmallows melted and gave it a nice sweet flavor.

The broccolis, rice and cheese casserole, I could not stay away from. The stuffing was perfect.  I am absolutely not a  bread stuffing  lover in any shape, way or form, but this was just perfect.  Very moist, all the flavors well blended together. Gravy was ok, I would have added some mushrooms and herbs to it, but that is just my humble opinion.

Fry’s Food Store is offering  great menus for this Thanksgiving  Holiday, starting at $44.99 to serve 6 to 8 persons.  Everything comes pre-cut, pre-packaged and the container can go from refrigerator to oven to table.  How convenient is that?

Did I say that if you place your order before the 10 of November you get $5.00 off?

Please go to your local Fry’s Food Store, or any of the Kroger family stores, and any Deli associate will be happy to assist you, or place your order by phone at 1.877.894.3707.

To make the testing even more fun, we also received and tasted a great recipe to use with the left over turkey. I love it.

I forgot my camera at home and I do not have any pictures to show you, silly me.

Now to the fun part. I was given a $20.00 Fry’s Food Store Give Away gift card to share with you readers.  In order to win the card, you need to send me your favorite left over recipe that I will share with everyone on my Facebook page.

The most creative, easy  and  with the most “Like” recipe, will be receiving the $20.00 gift card. Give Away will expire on 11/03/12.

So… do not wait and start sending me your favorite recipe…..



(recipe courtesy of Fry’s Fresh Attraction)

1 1/2 cup leftover cooked smoked turkey

1 cups leftover broccolis cheese casserole

8 each 8 inch flour tortillas

8 oz. sour cream

2 cups turkey gravy

2 each roasted poblano peppers

2 cups shredded cheddar cheese

Roast poblano peppers on grill or oven until charred. Place in plastic bag for 10 minutes to allow steam to separate the skin from the pepper.  gently rub off layer and clean inside of pepper, removing seeds. Do not rinse pepper. Put in blender with gravy and puree.  pour 1/2 of gravy on bottom of greased 10×13 baking dish, set aside

Dice turkey into bite sized pieces and put into a bowl. Take a tortilla and smear the bottom with a thin layer of sour cream. Fill with 1/4 cup of rice mixture, 3 oz. turkey and roll up. Place enchiladas in the baking dish. cover with remaining gravy and top with shredded cheddar.

bake at 350 degrees fro 30 minutes.


Disclaimer: All opinions and comments above are mine and not influenced or suggested by Fry’s Food Stores or any of the Kroger Family Stores.

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