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Love and Romance around the World: Italy

Published on June 25, 2016 | Italy

We made it to Italy and after the cold weather of Northern Europe, some warmth is welcome. Record heat and record humidity, something that we are not used to, the humidity part. But we are on vacation, who is to complain.

Visiting family and friends is always so wonderful. The peacefulness, the conversations, the laughter and  sharing of meals is what makes life amazing.

We decided to go to Genova for a lunch of seafood. Genova is the capital of Liguria and stretches alongside the Mediterranean Sea for 19 miles. It is port city filled with so much history. A lot of great memories for me of times spent with my grandmother, uncles and aunts.

We stopped at Boccadasse at Antica Trattoria Dindi for lunch. We ordered a bottle of Vermentino white wine from Sarticola served cold alongside some focaccia. A pizza dough covered with olive oil and sea salt cut in little pieces and enjoyed with the wine.

For lunch we had a Fritto Misto, an assortment of seafood deep-fried, and Fettuccine with Gamberi and Zucchine. Both dishes absolutely delicious. Fresh homemade fettuccine tossed with garlic olive oil and shaved zucchini. I am still craving it.

Of course lunch could not be complete without an espresso and gelato.

Until our next great meal, enjoy this gorgeous week-end.



Fettuccine with Gamberi and Zucchini


Fritto Misto



Life elixir, espresso20160624_110423022_iOS

Bocadasse, Italy


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