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Salad with Prawns, Feta Cheese and Tomatoes

Published on July 29, 2011 | Soup and Salad

Salad with prawns, feta cheese and tomatoes.

We are finally home. Before leaving California, we could not pass up the opportunity to pick the last tomatoes nicely red and plump from the vine.  The zucchini were just the perfect size.  My son and I loved filling our cooler with our fresh loot, after all we were driving and I travel cloths light. 

When we got home we could not wait to have another fresh salad, well at least I could not wait… my son… well.. that is another story. Prawns are always in my freezer thus making it easy to prepare at the drop of the hat.

Feta cheese is my favorite. Not only it does not crumble all over your dish, but goes with any dressing you wish to use.

Romaine on hand, tomatoes and voila dinner was served. 

I love dinners like that…. Bon Appetit.




Romaine Salad


Already Cooked Prawns

Feta Cheese, crumbled

3 tablespoon Oil

1 tablespoon vinegar


Juice of 1 lemon

Remove and clean the tail of the prawns. Place them in a bowl and squeeze half the lemon over it and let it stand for 10 – 15 minutes, turning occasionally. When ready to assemble with the salad discard the lemon juice.

In a large bowl combine the cleaned salad cut up to desired pieces size, the prawns, and the feta cheese. Cut the tomatoes and remove all the seeds and white part and add to bowl. In another small bowl prepare the vinaigrette with the oil, vinegar and salt.

When nicely blended add to the salad bowl. Mix well. Squeeze at the last minute the remainder half of lemon over it.

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