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Happy Thanksgiving 2011

Published on November 23, 2011 | Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving 2011. 


I am a very fortunate person that is surrounded by wonderful  family and friends.  I would like to take this opportunity to send a special “Thank you” to the special persons in my life.

My family for always been there for me even though we are all so far away from each other.  I love your very much.

To my long-standing friends: Thank you for all the love and support you have given me during this year of changes. You know me so well and always have a hug ready for me. Knowing that you are there for me it is the most wonderful gift a person can ever receive and have. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To the friends that are entering my life everyday: Your friendship is wonderful  and special and I am looking forward to create years of great memories with you.

To my knitting ladies: I  love to knit with each and every one of you and I wish we could meet more often. All of you ladies are so special to me.  I am so looking forward to our Christmas Party, as well as more years of knitting together.

But most of all I want to give a special thank you my wonderful little boy. I love you pumpkin!  You are the love of my life. You give me strength.  Your enthusiasm for life is so contagious and wonderful.  Your hugs and kisses are special, your laughter makes my heart sing.

And also to all of you who are following my blog, Thank you.  Your support, your comments are greatly appreciated. 

This is my menu for this Thanksgiving 2011 that I will prepare for my family:

Thanksgiving Dinner 2011

Turkey with chestnuts stuffing

Shiitake mushroom gravy

Cranberry sauce

Whipped sweet potatoes & bananas

Mashed potatoes

Brussels sprouts with bacon

Honey Glazed Carrots

Pumpkin pie

I will be more than happy to send you any recipes you may wish to have.

To all of you, have a fantastic day with your special loved one.



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