25 Traditional Holiday Recipes From Around the World

  • 12.13.18

The holiday season is upon us, and with comes lots of preparation in the kitchen.
This time of the year bring peoples together with excitement and contagious happiness.
As a blogger, I am constantly looking for ideas and inspiration. And inspiration was found overflowing with this wonderful group of ladies from all over the world that I have the pleasure to belong to.

We all have a deep passion for food. When I asked them to share their family or favorite for this post, I was overwhelmed by the responses.

This collection features entrees, lots of dessert and anything in between.
So get ready to fire up your stove and have fun preparing those wonderful dishes.


Hare Stew, June Luc, junedarville.com

Prime Rib with Vegetables, Giangi Townsend, Giangiskitchen.com

Crown Rack of Lamb, Azlin Bloom, LinsFood.com

Kicking ass beef spare ribs & grill blue vein cheese fig with salad, Helen Chin, helenscchin.com

pork tenderloin with cream and mustard

Pork Tenderloin with cream and mustard, Giangi Townsend, Giangi’s Kitchen

Roasted Lamb with vegetables served in avocado bellini, tomatoes, yogurt aioli, Helen Chin, Helenscchin.com


Devil Curry, Azlin Bloom, LinsFood.com

Chestnut stuffed Turkey, Giangi Townsend, Giangiskitchen.com


prawns with kiwi

Prawn cocktails with kiwi, Giangi’s Kitchen.com

Persian Herbed Rice with Fish, Azlin Bloor, LinsFood.com

Indonesian Fish Curry, Balvinder Ubi, simpleglutenfreekitchen.com

Crispy Fried Fish, Maria Nasir, Foodaholic.biz


Roasted Honey, Balsamic Brussels Sprouts, Jillian Fenton, Simplesassyscrumptious.com

Cucumber and Peanut Salad, Vidaya Narayan, Masalachilli.com

Green Beans Gremolata, Giangi Townsend, Giangiskitchen.com


Kale Salad, Giangi Townsend, GiangisKitchen.com


Roasted Hazelnut Kahlua Flan, Bren Herrera, BrenHerrera.com

Mothballs, Lisa Watson, Italiankiwi.com

Butter Cookies, Giangi Townsend, GiangisKitchen.com

Leskerli Swiss Gingerbread, Diane Paget, FrenchTouch.com

Poached Pears in Wine

Poached Pears in Wine, Giangi Townsend, GiangisKitchen.com

Ghee cookies, Jayashree Trao, Evergreendishes.com

Sweet Stolen Bread, Mireille Aikman, Thetortillachannel.com

Tutti Frutti Shortbread Cookies, Jolly Makkar, HomeMadeRecipes.com

Linzer Cookies, Baldinded Ubi, Simpleglutenfreekitchen.com




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Comments (5) Post a Reply

  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for including me in your Christmas roundup! I see a lot of delicious recipes that I want to try here. Happy holidays!

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      Thank you Lisa, i hope you do. I was enjoying so much putting them all together and absolutely admire all the hard work put forth with each recipe.
      xoxo Giangi

  2. Azlin Bloor says:

    What a really fantastic selection of recipes, Giangi. Some completely out of the box, but sure to meet all tastes! Thank you for including me.

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      Thank you Azlin for your kind compliment and the pleasure was all mine to include your delicious recipes.
      xoxo Giangi

  3. Maria says:

    A mouth watering and complete collection of festive recipes. I think we don’t need to look elsewhere now for ideas. Thank you for making life easy this festive season and including my recipe. 😊
    Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and family! 🎅

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