Love and Romance in Barcelona

  • 07.11.16

Barcelona, what a beautiful city!! I love it here. I am in complete awe about the architecture. Every building is different; every building has a story to tell. On our first day we walked alongside the port and decided to take the Funicular de Montjuic, or gondola, from the port to the Parc of Mirador. Spectacular sights of the whole city. No taxis in sight therefore we decided to brave it and walk back down to town. By doing so we stumbled upon the maritime Museum of Barcelona. Enjoyed it immensely. They are having an exhibit of oil painting under water. Truly amazing.

Christopher Columbus plaza led us into the old Town Center. Little streets, no cars and lots of architecture. Restaurants, bars, shops everywhere. Walked and walked never got tired and took in all the beauty that the town has to offer.

We made it a point to visit The Sagrada Familia, an exceptional place of worship based on the traditional Gothic and Byzantine Cathedrals . Started in 1866 and still a project in the making with ongoing construction of the west sacristy and the central towers. and with a proposed finished date of 2027. Towers, play of colored windows that portray the coolness of the morning and the warmth of the afternoon sun. If ever in Barcelona, a must see. I cannot describe the beauty and the overwhelming feeling. The internal structure will keep you peeled to the walls, staring at the ceilings and all the intricate stone work.

Walking around town we came across this tiny entry way with a board of tapas, Bodega La Puntual. Our stomachs brought us in. Small galley entry which opened on a huge room. We got seated and menu in hand placed our order for tapas.

Anchovies marinated in vinegar and served with olive oil and green olives, pickled mussels, cockles with a lemon oil sauce, cod fritters, Classic Russian salad and grilled octopus with potatoes parmentier. Yes… we eat all that. The wonderful thing about tapas you just taste, and taste we did. My favorite: the cockles, cod fritters and grilled octopus with potatoes parmentier. The parmentier is made of mashed potatoes that is passed thru a food mill to reduce to a fine cream, some olive oil and pimiento oil over it lightly, and here you have a delicious creamy parmentier . Of course all this with a great glass of sangria.

The tapas menu is mouthwatering and to satisfy all appetites. From a snack with little bites, to sharing, a palate teaser, to finish with a more copious plate of food.

The restaurant got packed and busy in no time. I had the opportunity to talk to the manager, Miriam, who, even though was busy running from table to table, took the time to talk to me.

A definite place to visit while in Barcelona and definitely will go back.

I am leaving you today with a few pictures from Barcelona and our lunch.




The Sagrada Familia, Barcelona


Morning light reflection thru the window panels, cool hues


Afternoon light reflection thru the window panels, warm hues


Interior pillars symbolizing elevation towards God


External façade representing the death of Christ


View from above of the coastline


Columbus monument from the gondola

Marinated anchovies, pickled mussels, cockles, Classic Russian salad and Cod fritters at the Bodega La Puntual


Grilled Octopus with Potatoes Parmentier


Miriam and me.


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