California Cruising – Vacation time

  • 03.26.16

California cruising.

At has been so long since we visited California, that we took advantage of Spring break to do so.

We started our adventure in San Francisco. It does not matter how long you are away from a city that you left your heart in, that as soon as you land, all the familiar places, corner restaurants, food smells, are all coming back to you with a powerful rush and all the years you have been away just disappear.

The Bay, the Warf, the Golden Gate, Sausalito, the Bunkers atop Alexander Avenue, all under beautiful skies and spring weather.

We enjoyed a clear sunset over the San Francisco skyline that just melted your heart.

We also revisited all our old hang outs. Starting with the Buena Vista for Irish Coffee. Of course we also had breakfast, Dungeness crab eggs benedict just filled the spot.

Scoma’s was next on our list for their Cioppino. Coffee at Café Greco to end a perfect meal.







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  1. John Shepardson says:

    And didn’t visit me????


    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Headed to Los Gatos today

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