Celebration of the 4th of July – Enjoy this great day.

  • 07.04.12

Celebration of the 4th of July.

Greeting from Telluride!!! Our annual trip to a great place where we can get away from the heat and celebrate the birth of our great Nation with wonderful friends.
Tonight we will be having 15 guest for a Mexican Fiesta.  Well… we started out  wanting steaks with shallot sauce, but life as all of you know, has a way to take over.
After a wonderful day of walking, enjoying some great music on the park, ice cream, altitude… we are all so tired that tacos, roasted vegetables and green salad was all we could come up. 
Tonight I am not behind the stove and I am enjoying being treated to a fantastic dinner prepared by my friends.
Do not forget to check back and see what we are going to have the rest of the week for dinner. 
From our house to yours, have a great night.
Tonight’s July 3, 2012 dinner:
Tacos by Christy
Roasted Bell Peppers and Balsamic Roasted Zucchini by Shafu
Margaritas by Giangi
Green Salad by Erin

celebration of the 4th of july
Taco meat
Roasted zucchini

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  1. marlenewoods says:

    Yummy. I’m making nachos for lunch today. I’m racing out to get fresh cilantro.

    1. Have a great 4ht! see you soon.

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