Christmas in July

  • 07.31.11

Christmas in July.

It was suggested we have a “funny meal”. On a hot Sunday afternoon my son was given the challenge to come up with something funny to eat.

So this is his story that he is sharing with all of you: Mom and I were on the couch reading our magazines, when all of the sudden I found a cool treat to make. What I decided to make was a Snow man made out of ice cream with lots of goodies. Into the kitchen we marched. I took the step stool, after all I am still little, according to the Smurfs, three apples tall. I reached on the baking shelf and gathered all the yummy sprinkles I could carry. I also got Girls Scout Cookies, Nutella, ice cream, mini M&M’s, marshmallow. We used dried apricot cut to make the mouth. Any candy will do.

Here is what you have to do: got a clear cup flat bottom, cover the bottom with decorating sprinkles, place one nice HUGE scoop of any flavors of ice cream in the middle. Add the M&M to create the eyes and nose. To create the hat, take one Girl Scout Cookie, smothered with Nutella. Place a giant marshmallow on top of the Nutella. Sprinkle more sprinkles around the marshmallow and place the whole hat on top of the ice cream. Take a spoon and eat your delicious Snow man in July. We sure did.

We used a lemon cookie, which was ok but not great. I wish my mom had Oreos cookies in the house….

Enjoy, Giangi’s Little Kid


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