Copenhagen – Our first stop

  • 07.02.17

Copenhagen, Our first stop.

Vacation time again!! In our family it is never a question of when we leave, but when we come home. As we all have an adventurous spirit and an ability for light packing, our summer vacations are mapped out as we go along. We do have a couple of specifics dates that are a must, but besides that… it is an adventure.

This year we decided to start in Copenhagen, Denmark. We left Phoenix at the wake of 120º F. and arrived in Copenhagen with 68º F.  Dark stormy clouds. We were in heaven and looked forward to some gray sky. As our luck would have it, we took some sunshine with us and therefore enjoyed the most wonderfully perfect sunny days.

It was suggested that first of all we take a river cruise. That will give us a quick overview of this great city. Thus, we headed to Nyhavn which is the 17th century waterfront port. Lots of entertainment, bars, cafes and restaurants with great views of the historical wooden ships moored in the canal. Love all the brightly colored 17th and 18th century homes. Very colorful. Quite cozy and romantic.

Copenhagen Port

The tour was quite an enjoyable experience. Once out of the canal we immediately saw the Copenhagen Opera House majestically sitting on the water front. All glass windows and panels. Standing between two canals.

Opera House Copenhagen

A quick tour to see the famous  Little Mermaid.

the little mermaid Copenhagen

Once on foot we visited the Rundetaarn build as an astronomical observatory in the 17th century. A beautiful round tower with no steps inside however each stone tile placed in a manner that it forms a great circular design. Once on the top floor stunning views of the city from each windows.

inside Rundetaarn Rundertaarn

So many wonderful sites to show you. After all the museums and churches we decided to visit Tivoli Garden. A great attraction park in the middle of the city. Ride for all ages, and great restaurants with lots of flower gardens and romantics alcoves to have lunch or dinner.

As I love fish, I was in complete heaven. Smoked trout, a must in my book, pickled herrings, smoked salmon… I can go on for ever on how much I enjoyed all the fish. Open face sandwiches are typically served. Slice of grain bread topped with potato salad, hard boiled eggs and shrimps. Or potatoes, smoked mackerel with red onion slices. Another favorite a plate with all sorts of goodies and grain bread that you can create your own composition. Lots of fun I must say. We did also enjoy a steamed langoustines, mussels, pork and roast beef.

open face sandwich potatoes fish


open face egg shrimps sandwich

We stayed at the Crown Plaza, which is under the umbrella of the IHG.  Outside from the center but with a 3 minute metro ride, the center of town was right under our fingers.







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  1. Tammy says:

    Hope you’re having a great trip.

    1. Giangis Kitchen says:

      Yes we are having a blast. Thank you Tammy

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