Easter Dinner Meal Plan

  • 04.14.19

Easter dinner has always been one of my favorite meal to prepare. Blessed with abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits, the menu always come together easily.

This year we are adding a couple of new recipes alongside our favorite recipes. The suggestions below are for brunch and or dinner.


Raspberry Baked French Toast

raspberry baked French toast
If you decide to have an early morning brunch I would suggest preparing this fail-proof. Assembled the day before and baked the day of, this wonderful concoction of raspberry , sweet bread, eggs will be the hit of your Easter brunch.


Mousse of Cantaloupe. 

Sinfully delicious, fresh and full of flavor. The best part, you can prepare it the night before and assemble it at the last minute.

Prawns Cocktail with Kiwis

prawns with kiwi

Favorite of our family and a staple for years. Prawns marinated in vodka, or rum, your choice, with chives, kiwis, avocado,  everyone will be ready for seconds.  Can all be prepared the night before, assembled and stored in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve.

Main Dishes:

Pepper Crusted Racks or Lamb with Horseradish Creme Fraiche

Pepper crusted rack of lamb with horseradish crème fraiche is a wonderful combination of peppercorns, lemon zest, garlic, fresh herbs and panko. A tasty outer crust over a perfectly juicy lamb.

Marinated and Stuffed Filet Mignons with Merlot Habanero Sauce

Your guests will fell in love with this dish. Tender filets mignons with addictive cheese and pine nuts, covered with a out of this world Merlot habanero sauce. You can adjust the heat too, so do not be scared.

Seared Salmon with Peas, Potatoes and Mint

Seared salmon with peas, potatoes and mint.

Brunch or dinner? This salmon can be enjoyed cold surrounded by baby greens, peas, potatoes and mint. Light and crispy fresh.

Vegetarian Quiche

vegetarian quiche

Perfect for brunch, lunch or Easter dinner. With all the fresh vegetables your imagination can go wild with this quiche. The egg and heavy cream will bind it all together perfectly.

Side Dishes:

Butter Lettuce with Shallots Vinaigrette

The perfect side dish to any meat, fish, pork and quiche.

Tian of Vegetables

This is a very simple and yet full of flavor, favorite French dish. This is how I present it or the vegetables that I prefer. However, you can add thinly sliced potatoes, eggplant as well. Always a great hit when served.

Garlic Potatoes:

garlic potatoes

It would not be Easter at our house if we did not have potatoes. Each year is a toss up as to which one will be prepared. This year: Garlic Potatoes. Soft inside with crisp edges and lots of butter.

Green Beans Gremolata

This dish, you can eat it either hot off the skillet, or cold. I personally prefer it cold.
The squeeze of lemon at the last-minute gives it a nice final touch and enhances all the flavors. Easy to make and healthy.

Roasted Rosemary Potatoes

This is our favorite and long standing Easter staple. One bite into the crisp outside and the soft inside and you will never make any other potatoes.


Strawberry Apple Pie

Perfect at any occasion and celebration, I found that a fruit pie, in this instance Strawberry and Apple Pie, satisfies every palate. Not too sweet or heavy and after a big meal a light dessert is always welcome.

Deep Chocolate Pound Cake

This is a delicious variation from my regular pound cake, and the best part… half the butter. The honey adds all the sweetness needed, the extra chocolate chips are to satisfy my craving, the cranberries…. just for fun.

Strawberry Chantilly

strawberry chantilly

Deliciously sinful layers of chantilly and strawberries. All the flavors are enhancing each other well, and each bite is just full of flavor.

Here are a few of my suggestions. Have fun in the kitchen and I am only an email away if you need help putting your menu together.

You got this!



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