Father’s Day Celebration – A perfect day

  • 06.18.12

Father’s Day celebration.

I am so honored to have received so many requests from so many of you  last week asking me for recipes to what to prepare for Father’s Day dinner.  I was truly touched. 

Thank you for all your requests. I enjoyed sharing my recipes  with you, and loved helping some of you with menus ideas.

The celebration of  Father’s Day was very relaxing at our house. Enjoyed a movie out, had fun swimming and I prepared a simple barbeque for dinner.

I made steaks, roasted bell peppers and carrots, and roasted corn.  Dinner could not be complete without ice cream.  We could not decide what flavor we wanted, so we had it all : vanilla, chocolate and ice cream waffle cone…Perfect ending.

Sorry no pictures from last night dinner.

To all, thank you again and have a great night.



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  1. Lubna Ramay says:

    Dear Mr Giangi,

    Loved your Fathers’ Day menus…simple and elegant!! I have a question, just got a new state of the art kitchen made.. you can say its an industrial kitchen. The cooking range is highly professional with a BBQ grill and a hot plate. I’d like you to send me some recipes for the hot plate. I made Thai style prawns and fry eggs in it occasionally. But once I start my dining table I must have some interesting recipes handy to make on it.

    Thanks once again Mr Giangi.

    Lubna Ramay.

    1. Dear Lubna,
      I will more than happy put them together for you and send them by week end.
      Thank you for your request. Have a great day.

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