Florence – A mesmerizing city

  • 09.07.17

We enjoy planning our trips according to places we never been or places that we would love our teenager to enjoy with us. We are also very fortunate that our son loves history and does not shy away from museums. A kid after my own heart.

Next on stop on our itinerary was Italy and more specifically Florence. My one and only visit of Florence was in the ’80 something.

To keep our teenager interest motivated, we give him a list of places we are going to visit. Therefore he must search and come up with a plan for our touristy activities.  Not only he takes ownership,  he also has more places to visit on his list than we would ever dare present him with.  Bags on tow, book on hand, we made the train ride to Florence and arrived in the early afternoon.

We wanted to stay in the old district and we were very fortunate to have found “Borghese Palace Art Hotel” a great signature Hotel with the friendliest and most helpful stuff. Best of all, we were a 2 minutes, and no I am not exaggerating, walk to every museum and restaurants.  Walking out of our hotel, turn right and here we are on Piazza del Duomo. Or turn left and here we are at Palazzo Vecchio e Galleria degli Uffizi. Perfect!!!

I do not know where to begin. This town is mesmerizing and so much history to take in.  If you never travelled to Florence here is a brief history of one of the most influential cities of Northern Italy.

Florence is located in the central Italian region of Tuscany. Not only the city is breathtaking, it also celebrate the birthplace of Renaissance. The city burst with famous artistic treasures.  Founded in 59 BC by Julius Cesar the city was designated as a heaven for military veterans. Florence is actually designed in a form of a military camp, pattern still noticeable to this day in the city center.

Situated on a fertile farmable land and logistically located as a main route between the north and south of Italy, it always has burst commercially.  Also, it was always sought after for control. From the Roman settlement, to the Byzantines, German Ostrogoth’s as well as Lombard rule which prosper under Charlemagne rule. Later by the Austrian territory and ruled by France and the Kingdom of Sardinia- Piedmont. Not to mention that for a short period it was the capital of Italy in the 1800’s.

Let’s not forget the Medici family that opened all banking branches across Europe and were the most acclaimed and influential patrons of the arts. Michelangelo, Botticelli, Ghilandaio and of course Leonardo Da Vinci left a huge imprint in the city thus making it the most visited city in Europe for tourists, students of art and culture.

I have taken so many pictures that I want to share with all of you, and decided to assemble them all in the below video.


In the arena of cooking: it was fantastic. Delicious pizza, pasta alla Carbonara that still leaves me wanting more at Acqua Al 2 and Gusta Vino. Lombatina al Pepe Verde and Pappa al Pomodoro are two of my favorite dishes. I often make Lombatina or Rib Eye steak with pepper sauce, but this one was jus delicious. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of it.  Neither the recipe was shared with me.  I will try to replicate it in my own kitchen. Pappa al pomodoro, is a tomato soup with small pastina. Great fresh flavors as the tomatoes were fresh, smashed and lightly cooked with chicken broth.

Pappa al Pomodoro

Pappa al Pomodoro


Pasta alla Carbonara

Pasta alla Carbonara

I hope your travels will take you to Florence and enjoy this gorgeous city as much as we enjoyed it.

With Love and Gratitude.



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