Galette Des Rois – A time to celebrate

  • 01.05.14

Galette des Rois.   We may be far away from home or where we grow up, but our traditions will always be in our hearts. Today we will be celebrating the day with our absolutely delicious Galette Des Rois.

Traditionally celebrating the Epiphany with the Three Wise Men. Bakeries across France sell this cake during the holiday until January 6th.

Tradition holds that the cake is to ‘draw the Kings” to the Epiphany. Originally a bean or “la feve”, which is said to represent Baby Jesus, is placed inside the cake. The person who finds the “feve” in their slice becomes king for the day and will offer the next cake.

The bean in the Galette was replaced in 1870 by a variety of figurines out of porcelain, but now replaced by figurines made out of plastic. A paper crown is included with the cake to crown the “King”.

A delightful puff pastry with almond marzipan inside that will grab you and never let go. Just deliciously sweet and sinful.

As we enjoyed our local Farmers Market we purchased our delicious Galette Des Rois from Chef Jean. Not only we enjoyed a nice conversation in French, but the Galette is out of this world.

Bon Appetit!!



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  1. Karen says:

    The galette looks very good…enjoy the celebration.

    1. Thank you Karen, Happy New Year to you too.

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