Greetings from Amsterdam – short surprise trip

  • 05.05.10

Greetings from Amsterdam!!!

Last minute trip took me to Amsterdam with my wonderful husband to continue the celebration of my birthday.

I have visited Holland quite a few times , but each and every times it feels like a new experience. Yesterday we spent the day wondering along the canal. Beautiful homes with lots of history. Lots of little one of the kinds shops where all sorts of goodies are found. Lots of corner neighborhood restaurants and bistros. Stopping here and there for a good Dutch food, beer or cappuccino. Each building has a history, each building can tell a story. I want to drag Art to a canal ride today. I have taken it years ago and was completely memorized by the structure of each building. The smallest house, one meter wide is still on my mind.

One of my many food favorite are the “Croquettes with French Fries” .It is a delicious croquettes filled with a shredded cooked beef, mixed wonderfully with herbs, potatoes. Rolled in an egg batter and bread crumbs a couple of times to provide an extremely solid exterior crust when deep-fried. The fries are divine, but then everyone in Europe can make the best fries you will never have.

Hot Chocolate with whipped cream is a real ” a second in your lips a lifetime in your hips” but I do not care, it is divine….

Tonight we will have dinner in this small local restaurant and we are looking forward to it.

We will let you know what we had.


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