Love and Romance around the World: Hamburg

  • 06.22.16

Here we are in Hamburg, Germany. Hamburg you may ask, why? Well, yesterday was my son 13th birthday. Yes, I am a mom of an official teenager. I cannot believe how fast time went by. His request for this special day was to be spent at Miniatur Wunderland. Check it out. If you are a train aficionado you know what it is. For the rest of us, well, it is a great place where your passion for HO scale trains just get fueled. We are talking three stories warehouse of nothing but train showcasing interacting scenarios of Europe and Unites States. All this in HO scale. I must say, incredible workmanship and dedication. A must see.

Sharing a few pictures with you as well as a few picture of our walk around the river Elbe.


On the bridge over the river Elbe

Hamburg 3 IMG_5040

A small piece of one floor at Miniatur Wunderland

Bridge at Miniatur Wunderland

HO scale bridge at night at Miniatur Wunderland


Good Night from Hamburg

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