From My Kitchen To Your Kitchen Next Week Menu

  • 03.28.20

You asked and here it is! From my kitchen to your kitchen next week’s menu.  Keeping it simple and easy recipes from our pantry.

With school closures, job disruption and health risks, no one should go hungry. Millions will turn to the food banks for much-needed support. They cannot do it alone and here is where we can all help.  Feeding America is one of the largest hunger-relief organizations in the United States that could use our help. To learn more click HERE

Bon Appetit!


Chicken Spatchcocked

By flattening out the chicken and roasting it over a wire rack, not only it cooked faster but it will not sit on the rendered fat and yet adding more moisture to the chicken.

Green Acorn Squash With Honey Vinaigrette

Love the sweetness of the green acorn squash and the lemon tanginess. Add lentils for a gluten-free side dish. Or for a copious salad add baby greens, spinach, feta or goat cheese.

quiche lorraine

Quiche Lorraine

Classic French dish that can be paired beautifully with a mixed green salad. Warm or cold always a favorite.


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