Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid

  • 07.13.16

Our Madrid portion of the trip is almost coming to a close, and I must say, I am sad to leave this city. This city is vibrant day and night, and  I have met the kindest people and everyone really goes out-of-the-way to help in any way they can. The weather was just perfect and the food…. Well!!! You must come here as I cannot even begin to describe the flavors, sauces and the textures. Restaurants in every corners, a real food delight.

On our city expedition we made it a point to visit the Mercado de San Miguel. Using the word Mercado, I was expecting vegetables stands, chickens all lined up to be taken home and cooked at home, and Jamon and charcuteries. Where to begin to tell you how exciting this place is? First of all, each stand is specialized in a specific food, what I mean is that you will found a stand that only sells oysters, another one only Jamon and sausages, and another just crab meat and anything you can create with crabmeat, empanadas filled with all sorts of goodies… I can go on forever but you get my point.

The place is packed from business ladies and gentlemen, to friends meeting for a quick-lunch bite, to tourists like me that are just mesmerized and taking it all in.

We, I guess the me of we, just had to have a few snack of tapas, empanadas, and croquettes.

With a very filled and happy stomach, I share those few pictures with all of you.


mercado 3


Tapas of Goat Cheese and Red/ Black Caviar eggs

mercado 4


Oyster bar with a smile

mercado 5

Tostas, antipasto and pasta

mercado 6


Bread and stuffed bread and more Spanish dishes

mercado 13


Do you crave crab? Here is a huge selection of crab prepared in the shape of a sandwich, a salad…

mercado 11


Tapas and more tapas. Love the potato wrapped around the prawn

mercado 12


You select your fish and they will cook it how you like it under your eyes in minutes

mercado 14


Jamon and more Jamon. Do not forget those cute little cups filled with sausages prepared with different spices and aged to different stages

mercado de san miguel


Mercado de San Miguel from the outside


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