My 5 Favorite Recipes of 2018

  • 12.23.18

My 5 Favorite Recipes of 2018

The start of a New Year is almost here, which makes it an ideal time to relax and reflect on the last 12 months. And I thought one of the most enjoyable ways to do this — both for me and hopefully for all of you — would be to look at my five favorite recipes of 2018.

Now, before I continue, I must admit that making this list was NOT EASY. I do not think Santa himself had as much trouble as I did! After all, he simply has to put folks in the “nice” or “naughty” category. I bet he even uses a spreadsheet.

But for me, every recipe that was introduced in 2018 is a creative delight, from those that are relatively simple, to those that are more extravagant. What’s more, each recipe has personal meaning to me, because it reminds me of certain events and people. How could I choose just five!?!

However, that is when I remembered that this is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, right? And as I started to unwind and go with the flow, an interesting approach popped into my head: if I had the amazing opportunity to cook and enjoy five dishes with each one of you, what recipes from 2018 would I recommend for us? That is when the lightbulb went on.

And so, without further delay, here are my five favorite recipes of 2018 (in no particular order!):

Recipe: Ricotta Meatballs.
What I love most: The meatballs are unbelievably tender, juicy and full of flavor with each bite. They are also easy to make and cook in a jiffy.
Where you will find it


Recipe: Kale Salad.
What I love the most: I was never fond of kale salad until I took a bite of this — and fell in love! I re-created the recipe and vinaigrette, and now my family craves this dish. I love now the pungent taste of dressing mixes with the bite and crispiness of the kale (tip: the trick is to chop the kale very fine). It is perfect  for dinner, lunch, or to bring to a party — especially this time of year when most of are not eating too healthy (read this press release to learn more).
Where you will find it:

jalapeno orange glazed scallops

Recipe: Jalapeno Orange Glazed Scallops with Beurre Blanc
What I love the most: This glorious dish is in my comfort food box, and is something that my family really enjoys and looks forward to. The sweet vs. heat battle creates an explosion of flavor with each bite. It is a must try!
Where you will find it

panzanella calabrese

Recipe: Panzanella Caprese Salad
What I love the most: This is one of those great recipes that it is so easy to create, and absolutely delicious. I love the combination of the toasted bread and greens with classic caprese. And the very best part? It is ready in just five minutes!
Where you will find it:

pepper crusted rack of lamb with horseradish cfeme fraiche

Recipe: Pepper Crusted Rack of Lamb with Horseradish Crème Fraiche
What I love the most: We love lamb, and after years of making it the same way we decided to think outside the box. The crunchy pepper crust contrasts perfectly with the tenderness of the lamb. The two flavors blend wonderfully.
Where you will find it:

Try them All!

Cooking is not just about making meals. It is about creativity, fun, experimenting, and sharing special time with family and friends. I hope that you have a chance to try all of the recipes above, because I feel that once you do you will LOVE them as much as I do!

Thank you to all of you for making 2018 our very best year ever at We have grown so much, and your support means the world to us. We wish you and yours a Happy Holiday, a terrific end to the year, and a bright and Happy New Year ahead!

With Love and Gratitude




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