Paris – My home town that I will always love

  • 11.17.10

Paris, My home town

Today I had a crazy day and I am not in the mood of cooking. So left overs it is. Actually we will have steak with couscous from last night and peas.

So instead of my usual picture of the meal, tonight I want to share with you a picture of my most favorite place in the world: Paris, home for me.

Here is where I left my heart. I am blessed beyond believe to have been born and raise in Paris. Such a fantastic city with so much history. So much passion for life.

So many different plate and cuisine. And the fashion!!! Love all the little boutiques everywhere. Shoes and purses are our passion.

And parfumes… Et oui!!

Bonne Nuit.



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  1. Kristin says:

    Hope you had a restful evening. The leftovers sound yummy to me! Thank you for the photos — keeping the dream of returning to Paris alive!

    P.S.: we are eating a lot of couscous lately. The kids love it! I never thought to add anything to it… great ideas here. Merci beaucoup, Giangi!

    1. You are welcome. Paris will always be in my heart….

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