5 Picks of the Week from the Web

  • 11.08.17

The weekend is here again, and here are the best recipes that have been showcasing on the web.

Fall is on everyone’s mind and the creativity is just wonderful. Please show your love by visiting those great bloggers and share the recipes with your family and friends.

Wishing you all a great weekend filled with love.

From Earth and Oven this wonderful vegetarian Middle Eastern Sweet Potato Nachos. Lots of healthy ingredients for a relaxed evening.

middle eastern sweet potato nachos

A great quick dinner with this sinful Bacon Jalapeno Cheese from Simply Delicious. Don’t you just want a bite now?

bacon jalapeno grilled cheese

On the lighter side, this super healthy Beet and Watercress salad from Herbe.co is what the doctor ordered. The beets are sweet, juicy and tender and in perfect contract with the pungent flavor of the watercress.

beet and watercress salad herbe.co

From One Man’s Meat, and may I add my all time favorite blogger, this hearty and yummy Spanish Oxtail Stew.

spanish oxtail stew

Last, but not least dessert, life is too short not to have dessert :), Poached Pears in Wine. A favorite of the whole family.

Poached Pears in Wine

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