Thank You

  • 11.09.17

I have some wonderful news to share, and all of  you are the first one’s that I wanted to share it with:
Giangi’s Kitchen has been awarded the Business Woman Award 2017 “Best Woman’s Food and Lifestyle Blogger  – South West USA”
I am speechless and some of you who know me personally, you know how impossible that is.

It is a great honor to have been selected amongst women from all over the world and from so many industries. Click here to read more about the other recipients.

From my end, it has been a fantastic journey that started 7 years ago. I remember my first blog post and wondering who would read it. Throughout the years after lots of new and old recipes, loads of pictures, lots of “ when do we get to enjoy this?“,  Giangi’s Kitchen has readers from all over the world.

But most of all, my success is all thanks to all of you. Your love, your support, your comments have always been so appreciated and kept me on my path.  That path has grown and expanded, just created an affiliate site, and i feel truly blessed beyond belief.

With Love and Gratitude, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Giangi's Kitchen Award

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