Thanksgiving Dinner 2017

  • 11.17.17

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the requests for help with the menu have been pouring in. I am excited to share  my faithful, fail proof, I can prepare blind folded, ok!! almonst, recipes.

Fixing dinner for a large crowd can be a bit overwhelming, so here I am breaking it down on what my steps are so I can enjoy my family and friends.

My menu is simple. the flavors are all working well together. Even the pickiest of palate will enjoy them.

Thanksgiving Dinner 2017

Turkey with chestnuts stuffing

Shiitake mushroom gravy

Cranberry sauce with apricots raisin and orange

Whipped sweet potatoes & bananas

Mashed potatoes

Brussels sprouts with bacon, almond and cranberries

Green beans gremolata

Roasted carrots with orange brown butter

Pumpkin pie

Apple Pie

To get the recipe itself, hoover over the recipe name and click, it will take you directly to the recipe where you can print it, add the ingredients that you are missing into your provided grocery list. Once the list is printed do not forget to select your grocery coupons.

It all starts the day before Thanksgiving…

I always start by making dessert the day before.  I guess I live by the motto: “Life is too short, enjoy dessert first“.  While the oven is going, we always have 2 pies in it: Apple Pie and the traditional Pumpkin Pie.


While the pies are in the hot oven, and the house start to take on a festive scent, The Cranberry Sauce with Apricots, Raisin and Orange get on the way. Easy as it could be to prepare and it needs a good night in the refrigerator to cool off.

Cranberry sauce with apricots, raisins and orange

If you have double ovens you can start the following recipe which is one of my favorite: Whipped Sweet Potatoes and bananas. So sinfully yummy!!! Early preparation, brought at room temperature on the day of Thanksgiving. Pop it in the oven for 30 minutes to warm up.  It may not look the prettiest, but trust me, you will not stop eating it.


whipped sweet potatoes

Now, it is time to prepare the Chestnut Stuffing for the turkey. I always buy extra chestnuts as I always manage to test quite a few, just to make sure they are good :).  I like to prepare the sausage, chestnut stuffing the night before. Easier to handle when stuffing the turkey in the morning  furthermore all the flavors have the night to blend together. On Thanksgiving Day the stuffing is placed in the neck cavity, not inside the turkey itself.  Using strings and cooking pins, tie everything up. The cavity is well salted, and garlic cloves are placed inside. You will enjoy this simple and yet delicious recipe.

Chestnut Stuffed Turkey


Next on my list is always the vegetables. Green string beans ends cut off, rinsed and put away dry in a Ziploc bag until the last minute. The gremolata is so easy to make  and you can prepare it the day before and  store it in the refrigerator.  For the Brussels Sprouts i do all the cutting the night before also.



At this time, to break away from the kitchen, I love to set up the table the night before and prepare my flower arrangements. Do not forget the small candles around your flowers.

Our table all set up

Thanksgiving morning the turkey takes center stage and gets prepared first and placed in the hot oven.

Slicing the shiitake mushrooms and starting the gravy is right after. Peeling the potatoes and placed them in water. Clean the carrots. Bring at room temperature the whipped sweet potatoes, green beans and the Brussel Sprouts.

shiitake musrhooms


Once the  turkey is out of the oven and resting, it is time to bring it all together, mashed  potatoes, Shiitake mushrooms gravy, the green beans gremolata and the Brussel sprouts.   And last the roasted carrots with orange brown  butter sage.

Turkey carved, all  your wonderful dishes on the table, it is time for you to rest and enjoy your day.


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