Warsaw, Poland

  • 07.07.17

Warsaw, Poland

Having history lovers in the family makes it easy to plan some of our trips. We had some times between places and we decided to jump over to Poland. Warsaw was first on our list.  A new experience for all of us as we never visited therefore we looked forward to it.

Arrived in Warsaw and settled in our gorgeous  hotel room with a wonderful view of the Palace of Culture and Science. A stunning and impressive tall Art Deco building that holds cultural events, concerts, theater, Polish Academy of Science and sports clubs.


The below Royal Castle is located in the Castle Square at the entrance of the Warsaw Old Town.

Royal Castle, Warsaw

Royal Castle

warsaw old town

Warsaw Old Town

Old town castle

Old Town Castle

Seeing that time was limited in Warsaw, one of the museum we had as a must on our list was the POLIN Museum of the History Polish Jews located on the site of the former Warsaw Ghetto. Great narrative and exhibits of about 1,000 years of Jewish history in Poland up to the Holocaust. Very informative and impressive. Very eye opening very heartbreaking.

POLIN Museun of the history of Polish Jews

Images and stories from survivors outside the POLIN museum



Krasinski Square

While in vacation lunch and dinner blend all together as we get lost with the beauty surrounding us and we lose track of time. While walking around the Old Town we had so many choices for a late lunch. One of the places that attract us was Romantyczna.  Down the stairs to this romantic and charming dining area. Old cellar remodeled. Thick brick walls, soft lights, candles on each table, soft music.

Decided to throw caution to the wind and start our culinary adventure with the Deska Poliskich Tapas or Polish tapas. This great platter had venison pate`, cheeses, herrings, pickled cornichons, smoked garlic sausage, baked bacon and of course two shot glasses of vodka. A great selection to satisfy all palates.

polish platter

The menu also had duck. Being a duck lover I could not pass up the opportunity to try the “Duck roasted in oranges with beetroot, homemade dumpling and golden Mirabel sauce. Just delicious!! The below picture it does not do it justice.


Duck roasted with orange beetroot, homemade dumpling and golden Mirabel sauce

strawberry rosemary with chopped nuts ice cream

Strawberry rosemary with chopped nuts ice cream

The dessert menu came and as a result here we are ordering the most delicious Strawberry Rosemary with chopped nuts ice cream. Light sorbet with great flavors. Consequently, our dish was empty rather fast and almost licked the plate.

We loved our stay in Warsaw although it was short. If you decide to go I would recommend staying at the Intercontinental Hotel. Less than 3 minutes walk from the main train station. Right across from all cultural center, museum and theater. Not to mention 15 to 20 minutes walk from the Old Town.  So much to see, that the walk is absolutely pleasant.

Of course the hotel amenities, staff and views are stunning.

See you on our next adventure,



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