Zucchini Flowers- Short trip to California

  • 07.28.11

Zucchini flowers.

Greetings from California!!! I love Northern California and all the beauty that has to offer. I really enjoyed living here and now I enjoy coming to visit.

We stayed with my mom and she has this beautiful garden filled with flowers and vegetables. Early in the morning we went and pick up zucchini flowers and fresh tomatoes. I love zucchini flowers filled with mozzarella and anchovies dipped in this wonderful batter and deep fried. Yummy!!!! My mom fixed me this huge plate that satisfied my craving for a least a couple of weeks.

Saturday night it was requested I made one of my favorites dishes, Garlic Chicken with mashed potatoes and vegetables tian.

We had a wonderful candlelight dinner with our family and friends under the beautiful California sky.  Now leaving in Arizona we are used to a small variance in temperature between day and night. Not in Northern California. I am freezing at night and the heavy sweater is coming night. Here we are eating al fresco under the beautiful blue sky and wearing a heavy sweater….

I do not have the pictures of the whole dinner, but just the zucchini, my favorite.

Enjoy these pictures of the garden early in the morning.






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  1. Tammy says:

    Those zucchini blossoms look amazing!

    1. Unbelievable!! Every morning we picked a basket full.

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