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Chicken Wings with Ginger Mayonnaise

Published on June 11, 2012 | Appetizers


Chicken wings with ginger mayonnaise.

Our travels has taken us to Dubai and surrounding area numerous times.  Each time we fell in love all over again with this diverse and multicultural area.  Dubai is one of the world fastest growing tourist destination and we can see why.
The beaches are pristine and sand is fine, soft and white.  The sun is bright and warm. Every resorts offers great hotels to stay with more amenities that you do not know what to do with.

Our evening started with Champagne Cocktails at the Skyview Bar. The bar is suspended 200 meters above sea level.  Looking at the hotel, the bar is the suspended extended oblong shape harm, not to be confused with the helicopter landing pad.
We were very fortunate to found a quaint table at the farthest extended point of the bar.  The view: spectacular, breathtaking. You could see as far away as you possible could.  Knowing that we were so high up and nothing under us, I have to say it was… well … thrilling

Right across from the Burj Al Arab Hotel, on the same resort complex we stayed at the Jumeirah Beach Resort Hotel . Very nice with impressive views of the Burj Al Arab Hotel, easy access to the beautiful white sand beaches.
We enjoyed a great evening at “The Uptown Bar” and had this great “the Z Martini” and chicken wings.  Odd combination, but we had the chicken wings with ginger sauce when we stayed there a previous time and just could not pass them up.

We enjoyed another view of the Burj Al Arab Hotel by taking a stroll along the beach and having cocktails and appetizers at the end of the pier.

servings: prep time: 2 hours - Marinate cook time: 5 minutes


Amount Item Add to Grocery List
2 pounds wings chicken
mashed garlic
chili pepper
soy sauce
ground pepper
juice of grated ginger

Preparation Instructions

    Mix all the above ingredients and marinate for 24 hours

  2. Deep fry in small batches until golden.

    Mix all together and serve along side the wings.

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