Thank you my love for this great trip

  • 05.06.10

Thank you my love for this great trip.

As our trip is coming to an end, we finally decided to have our last meal not deep-fried. We stopped by this little local restaurant and the owner suggested we try the evening special.

Asparagus are in season and we both love them. So here comes this wonderful rectangular plate with at least 8 white steamed large asparagus, a nice round mound of mashed potatoes, three slices of ham that were warmed up, with on top a hard-cooked egg, that was sliced and then cut in Julienne slices. Along all this we had this wonderful little sauce-boat holder filled with melted butter. I mean, we seriously had at least a half of cup of wonderful butter to dip the asparagus in it. And dip we did, and did and did….We enjoyed a nice glass of white wine along side.

As for dessert we splurged, who is counting calories anymore, with a to die for apple strudel, served with a warm vanilla Crème Anglaise and whipped cream. A tiny little espresso was just perfect.
We just loved the simplicity of it all.

This note is for my hubby:
My sweet Art, since the first day we meet, you have stolen my heart and you have, are and always will be the love of my life. Thank you honey for this wonderful get away and for making everything we did so wonderfully special.
I love you.


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