Clafoutis and Me…

  • 07.06.16

As I mentioned yesterday, today’s class was about desserts. Apricot Clafoutis and Profiteroles.

I was told to be at La Serviette Blanche, at four-thirty for the five o’clock class. When I arrived, Eliane sat me down at the dining room table to go over the recipe (Apricot Clafoutis and Profiteroles) for the class. That’s when she announced that I was to teach the class. Apparently, my face froze and I was speechless. That is something quite rare for me. Sheer panic! I have never taught a class before and never thought I would have the patience for it.

After looking over the recipe though, I knew I could do it. I have done many Clafoutis in my life, and besides, Eliane was there so I was not alone on this one. So, with all the ingredients, measuring cups, bowls…We were ready.

Right on time, a great group of young Americans came in and the fun began. Brothers, sisters, significant others, friends. It was great! In the midst of laughing, talking, measuring and baking, the Apricot Clafoutis was done and we were ready to move on to the Profiteroles. Mmm good!

I must admit, I loved every minute of teaching the class. It was thrilling and so exhilarating. The group was fantastic and that made it easy and even more fun.



Chef Eliane at La Serviette Blanche with her class

apricot clafoutis


Apricot Clafoutis



Old Cannes


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