Meringues with Cocoa Powder

  • 1 hr 45 mins total
  • 10 mins prep
  • 50 mins cook
  • 45 mins Cooling
  • serves 6 people

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Such a simple dessert of Meringues with Cocoa Powder can be a scary task. I always loved meringues. Grow up enjoying them every time I could.

This beautiful light white cloud-shaped dessert, with an outside crust that will crack as soon as you bite into giving way to a crisp inside. Sugar heaven for your senses.

Those classic meringues only call for 2 ingredients to make, but they can be a bit of a challenge to make.  I added a touch of cocoa powder to the egg white at the last minute to give it that touch of chocolate flavor. Optional of course.

One of the biggest challenges is the weather. Humidity can affect them. One of the greatest nemesis if I may add, as they will not stay crunchy and fluffy, but become rather chewy.


You will never think that such a  small cookie with so few ingredients would need a whole section of tips.

  • Most importantly is that the bowl and beater that you will be using are clean, dry, and completely grease-free. Any moisture will ruin your meringue.
  • Eggs: Crack them in a separate bowl. Even the tiny bit of yolk will ruin your meringue.
  • Start beating the egg whites and add the sugar gradually and slowly. Use caster sugar or baker’s sugar which is fine in consistency and easier to dissolve.
  • Do not stop the beating of the egg whites and sugar until stiff peaks are formed. It will take a few minutes to start seeing stiff peaks, do not stop, and continue beating at a medium-high speed a couple of minutes more. It will increase in volume and be very thick and glossy and that is what you are looking for.
  • Once it looks glossy give it a sugar test to make sure all the sugar has dissolved. How to test it? Rub a small amount of batter between your fingers, if it feels smooth and not gritty the sugar has dissolved
  • If you want to add some powder chocolate at this junction is where you need to do it. Be careful not to overbeat it. If you want to add some food coloring here is when you do it.
  • Always use parchment paper as it will absorb extra moisture and will not stick.
  • When the meringue has gotten soft after you finished baking, pop them back into the oven at 225F for 10-20 minutes. Keep an eye on them are you do not want them to burn.
  • The success of your meringue is in leaving them in the oven for another hour so they will keep their shape and taste perfect.

How to prepare them:

I used two spoons to drop the meringue on the cookie sheet. You can use a pastry bag with a large tip and make “kisses” of meringue too.

Dust powder once out of the oven and completely cooled off.

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Products and equipment used to prepare those sinful meringues

Nutrition Facts
Meringues with Cocoa Powder
Amount Per Serving
Calories 830 Calories from Fat 9
% Daily Value*
Fat 1g2%
Sodium 201mg9%
Potassium 200mg6%
Carbohydrates 199g66%
Sugar 199g221%
Protein 13g26%
Calcium 10mg1%
Iron 1mg6%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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Meringues with Cocoa Powder

  • 1 hr 45 mins total
  • 10 mins prep
  • 50 mins cook
  • 45 mins Cooling
  • serves 6 people


Original recipe yields 6 servings

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  • 4 egg whites
  • 7 ounces caster sugar
  • cocoa powder


  1. Preheat oven at 280F.

  2. Place the egg whites in a very clean mixing bowl. Whisk at medium-high speed until the whites begin to froth. Add the sugar one spoonful at the time while whisking at high speed. Egg white will become glossy and begin to form stiff peaks.

  3. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and spoon the mixture on it at an even distance. Set in the middle of the oven and bake for 50 minutes. Then turn the oven off and leave the meringues in the oven, without opening the door for another hour.

  4. Place the meringues on a plate and dust with cocoa powder before serving.

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  1. Gregory Halpen says:

    I love merengues! One of my faves. I would love to try your recipe – never thought to use cocoa powder. Yum!!

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      You will enjoy it. I have seen them with food coloring too for special occasions. Fun thing to do for a baby shower.

  2. Christina's Bread Bakes says:

    Easy and quick, these meringues are delicious and make such a pretty presentation for afternoon tea or dessert.

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      I love the quick and easy part. And yes, perfect for an afternoon snack.
      Thank you for stopping by

  3. Gabriela Herrera says:

    These are in my bucket list. I love how delicate they are.

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      That is wonderful!! They look delicate and they may be a bit, but they sure are yummy!

  4. Cindy Mom the Lunch Lady says:

    Meringues are so delicious and easy to make. One of my favourite special desserts. Loving this chocolate version!

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      I grow up eating meringues and finally found the trick to keep them from becoming chewy. I found excuses now to have eggs 🙂 so I can enjoy a couple of those morcels more often.
      Thank you for stopping by.

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