Potatoes Boulangere With Bacon – French Classic Recipe

  • 40 mins total
  • 10 mins prep
  • 30 mins cook
  • serves 4 people

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  1. Mihaela | https://theworldisanoyster.com/ says:

    I wish you were my next-door neighbour! I’d be knocking at your door attracted by the smell escaping from your kitchen, LOL! I remember mom making this recipe, not very often, therefore more appreciated. I don’t think I had it in the past 30 years, though, but now you reminded me what I’ve been missing!

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      What a wonderful memory Mihaela. Love to have you as a neighbor any time as I know how great of a cook you are. Would be fun to cook together.

  2. Cindy Mom the Lunch Lady says:

    Oh wow these potatoes look insanely delicious! I love potatoes and bacon!

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      Thank you! One of my favorite combination too.

  3. Audrey says:

    This is such a classic recipe- I LOVE it! YUM

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      Thank you!

  4. Mallory says:

    Love this! Can’t go wrong with potatoes and bacon.

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      Thank you! Bacon in my books tastes great with everything.

  5. Deb says:

    These potatoes look unbelievably good Giangi, I can’t stop drooling!

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      Deb, you will love them. I hope you will make them.

  6. Gina Abernathy says:

    I love a good potato dish and this one would certainly please my family.

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      I am sure you everyone will enjoy it.

    2. Giangi Townsend says:

      Thank you for giving it a try.

  7. nancy says:

    yummy and tasty side – we like adding this with pasta toO!

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      that is wonderful, I will have to try it.

  8. Cindy L says:

    I plan on trying these potatoes tonight, to go with our roast chicken. I can not wait to try it!

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      The perfect side dish to chicken.

  9. Amanda says:

    Oh my goodness, I made these on the stove this last weekend and my husband kept saying “wow”. Easy, took a little longer than I expected for the potatoes to cook all the way through and were totally worth it!
    These will elevate any dish – in fact, these could be the whole dish if you wanted!

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      Absolutely! Thank you for making one of my favorite dishes and thank you for your kind compliment.
      Hope you will try more of my recipes

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