“When in doubt, eat dessert first”.

I could not agree with it more. When the sweet tooth comes knocking, dish up one of these tasty dessert options.
In my opinion, no meal is complete without dessert. Whenever you are in the mood of traditional Blackberry cobbler, Key Lime Pie, or something new like a Banana upside-down cake, our collection of dessert recipes has a sweet treat for any occasion.
And if you are craving homemade ice cream or pie, we have you covered.
Now, you have to make sure to have room for dessert.

Strawberry Apple Piestrawberry apple pie
Nothing says summer more than apple pie, and then add strawberries and you got yourself a little slice of heaven. Not too sweet or too heavy, just perfect for a perfect dinner with family or friends.

Chantilly Mascarponechantilly mascarpone
Combined here are my two favorite ingredients, mascarpone, and chantilly giving us a super easy, 5 minutes only, utterly delicious Chantilly Mascarpone that you can add any fruit to dessert. A dessert for all the occasions and time of day. Perfect afternoon snack for you and the little one as it has no sugar. Or evening dessert for that special someone at the end of a very romantic dinner served with a glass of champagne.

Banana Upside Down Cake

banana upside down cake
This banana upside-down recipe was created because our bananas were getting mature faster than we could eat them. A few handy ingredients a delicious dessert is served and a smile on everyone’s face. Nothing like a tasty homemade dessert, right? Yummy and hands down yummy.

Blackberry Cobblerblackberry cobbler
Nothing spells summer like blackberries and boy, are we spoiled during the summer months with them. Loads of sweet tender blackberries with sugar, cardamom, and orange peel. Each bite is filled with sinful sweetness.

Mangoes with Rum and Vanilla Ice Creammangoes with rum and vanilla ice cream
Mangoes with rum and vanilla ice cream are the dream dessert for any or all occasions. Easy to prepare, delicious, and sinful all in one. Who does not like that?
The fresh mangoes are a wonderful summer fruit. Marinating them with the rum is just delightful. Marinate the mangoes as long as you can to let the flavor infuse them.  The lime juice with the sugar will uplift the flavor.

Affogato Al Caffeeaffogato al caffee
This recipe is an Italian summer favorite. Most coffee shops and gelateria in Italy offer this sweet dessert.  A freshly brewed espresso, prepared in the Italian caffettiera preferably, thus poured over fresh vanilla ice cream. Heaven with each spoonful.

Key Lime Piekey lime pie
From my first bite into Key Lime Pie in Florida, I have had a special place in my heart for this dessert. My mouth is watering just writing this.  I highly recommend this recipe and have made it time and time again and you will too.

Sweet Potato Muffinsweet potatoes muffins
Sweet to perfection, light, and just delicious. Enjoyed them also with butter and jam. Or, just by itself with some prosecco wine.

Pomegranate Sherbetpomegranate sherbet
Nothing more refreshing than a sorbet in the summer. Light, sweet, and tart. A perfect end of a dinner for dessert or cleanse the palate between courses.
Love the bright color. Add some chopped almonds or pistachios to add some color contrast. Or, one of my favorite, sweet vanilla or chocolate wafer. The combinations are endless.

Caramel Apple with Semolina Puddingcaramel apples with semolina pudding
The caramelized apples are just the perfect touch with the semolina. Of course, you can use bananas, apples, or peaches if you have those and hand and are a bit ripe.

Bon Appetit!