Thanksgiving desserts are the first thing I think about when I prepare my menu. Yes,  as you know by now I have a serious case of sweet tooth. However, Thanksgiving baking is different that all other baking. Typically is your Pumpkin Pie, however throughout the years it has evolved and an apple pie was added… and them some cookies and muffins… by the time it is all said and done we are having a dessert gala.

I want to share our favorites as well as a few from wonderful bloggers and their special dessert this time of year. Please visit the bloggers pages below to find more delightful recipes.

You may say that Sweet Potatoes Muffins are not what you would consider classic Thanksgiving dessert, but it is the perfect dessert to a huge dinner. Not to mention the little one’s will love it and devour it.

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sweet potatoes muffins

Not your traditional cake but Ginger and Orange Cake from Helen at Helenscchin’s Blog has all the ingredients of Fall.

Then there is your classic Apple Pie. Ok!! Maybe not so classic of a recipe, however there is never a bite left at the end of the Thanksgiving dinner.

Yes, of course your traditional Pumpkin Pie Recipe From Rasamalaysia .

One of my favorite Vanilla & Red Wine Poached Pears by June at Simple Tasty Good

Nothing says fall like a Pear Clafoutis. So easy and so delicious. Give it a try and you will be in love for life.

Have lots of fun baking this Thanksgiving, and let us know if we can help you.

Bon Appetit!!