Fall desserts that we all need this season in our repertoire. 

Desserts capture the sweet flavors of fall with pumpkins, sweet potatoes, chocolate, caramel, and much more.

That easy fall dessert will amaze your dinner guests and family.

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8 top fall desserts recipes

However, the sweet tooth in all of us is happy that fall is back.

Enjoy those wonderful Fall dessert recipes.


Caramel apples with semolina pudding

Rich and thick with just the right amount of sweetness. Apples and bananas or pears are the perfect afternoon snack or evening dessert.

caramel apples with semolina pudding

Banana Upside-Down Cake

Are you ready for some goodness baking? This banana upside-down recipe was created because our bananas were getting mature faster than we could eat them. A few handy ingredients a delicious dessert is served and a smile on everyone’s face. Nothing like a tasty homemade dessert, right?

banana upside down cake

Pumpkin Tiramisu

We all love tiramisu, what there is not love? Here is an easier version, no eggs, and in just 20 minutes you have a no-bake great dessert for your family and friends. The perfect balance between cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and clove.

Chocolate Swirled Pumpkin Bars

To all my chocolate lovers, do I have a treat for you today? Imagine sweet, soft decadent chocolate blended with an even more soft, full of flavor pumpkin sponge-like cake… Is your mouth watering yet? I love how not overpowering the cinnamon and ground cloves are blended with the pumpkin, however complimenting the flavor.

Poached Pears in Wine

A traditional fall/winter dessert that always brings a smile to your family. Easy to prepare and so delicious that you want more and more. Only four ingredients, what there is not to love about this dessert?

Poached Pears in Wine

Sweet Potatoes Muffins

Sweet, full of savory flavor, and always welcome to the table, those muffins are welcoming fall with sweetness and love.

Marble Cakes

Do not get too excited!! This is a close relative to the pound cake, minus the butter. Yes, you read correctly, less butter. In a half-hour, you have a very moist, delightful marble cake. For fun, I bake it in the individual Bundt cakes and I must say it presented well and did not dry out.

Marbles cakes

Deep Chocolate Pound Cake

This is a delicious variation from my regular pound cake, and the best part… half the butter. The honey adds all the sweetness needed, the extra chocolate chips are to satisfy my craving, the cranberries…. just for fun.