Orange Roughy Packets with Vegetables

  • 06.12.13

When we use the grill, I enjoying placing vegetables in some aluminum foil, drizzle olive oil and cook them along side what ever we are preparing at that time.
Last night dinner was an adaptation from “The Grilling Cookbook” from Bon Appetit. and it was just that: incorporating vegetables with fish. We love orange roughy, but any white flaky fish will be a good alternative.
Light and easy, perfect for a great summer night.
Make sure that you keep your face away from the packets while opening as steam will come out and burn.
Bon Appetit!!

 Tonight’s June 11, 2013 dinner:
Orange Roughy
Packets with Vegetables
White rice with butter
Orange Roughy Packets all done copy

4 medium size assorted zucchini and summer squash, thinly sliced
¼ cup onion, thinly sliced, almost shaved
¼ cup thinly sliced basil
20 cherry tomatoes, halved
4 tablespoons dry white wine
4 tablespoons olive oil
Salt and pepper
4 6 ounces orange roughy

Fold four 24×12 inch pieces of aluminum foil, heavy duty preferably, in half crosswise. Open and place on a work surface.
Divide zucchini and summer squash evenly between the pieces of foil and arrange on layers on one half of each piece of foil. Divide equally and add the onions and sliced basil to it.
Drizzle each packet with 1 tablespoon of wine and ½ tablespoon olive oil. Season with salt and pepper.
Place the orange roughy fillets in top of each portion of vegetables and season with salt and pepper and the remainder of the olive oil over each fillet.
Fold and crimp edges of foil to seal packages.
Build the heat on the grill to a medium heat. Place packets on the grill grate. Close the cover and cook for about 10 minutes.
Open carefully the packets as steam will escape and garnish with fresh basil leaves.


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  1. Nicky says:

    I love cooking in foil packets on the grill. Everything comes out great.

    1. This is my first experience with fish and I love it and ready to have more.
      Thank you Nicky for reading my blog. Giangi

    2. Nicky says:

      Your welcome Giangi. I also follow you on FB. I write Our Little Family Adventure blog.

      Have you ever made desserts inside foil packets? My children love pineapple and banana packets. After they’re cooked, add frozen yogurt or ice cream for a special desert. 🙂

    3. Now I know who you are, I love your blog.
      Thank you for the recipe, I am sure my son will love it. I will keep you posted.
      Have a great day and thank you for reading my blog.

  2. Great idea! I need more easy BBQ ideas and this is fantastic 🙂

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