Green Beans Gremolata – A Classic Italian Condiment

  • 20 mins total
  • 10 mins prep
  • 10 mins cook
  • serves 4 

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  1. Ben says:

    This recipe for Green beans gremolata looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      Thank you and you are most welcome.

  2. Sandi says:

    Gigi, French string beans? Can you use regular? I know what French style is, but have never seen in the produce here in Memphis. ( but then again, you don’t see alot here in Memphis at grocery stores) lol

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      You can use the regular green beans, make sure they are smaller and remove both ends.
      You are in the South, I am sure your local farmer will have some.

  3. Lisa says:

    This dish sounds absolutely delicious! Adding to my Easter menu.

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      Thank you and Happy Easter!

  4. Kat says:

    This takes green beans to the next level! It’s the only way I can eat them now.

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      Thank you!

  5. Jeanine says:

    I adore gremolata it has that fresh flavour that just brings your palate alive…and beans make a perfect pair… thanks for sharing this recipe.

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      You are most welcome.

  6. Sue says:

    I love fresh green beans so much – thank you for sharing this make-ahead recipe!

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      The pleasure is all mine. Thank you for stopping by!

  7. Joanna says:

    This must be so yummy! I love everything with pine nuts!

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      Me too. Thank you!

  8. Chef Mireille says:

    I love Gremolata and you reminded me I have not made this in forever. It was so good on the green beans (though I did replace the pine nuts with pistacchio due to the high price of the pine nuts)

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      A great suggestion to substitute the pine nuts with pistachios, thank you.
      I am happy you enjoyed it.

  9. Cindy Mom the Lunch Lady says:

    These will be making an appearance at Easter dinner this year. I bet they will be well received!

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      It has graced my table for so many years and it is always welcomed.
      Enjoy it and Happy Easter!

  10. Bianca says:

    I love the added pine nuts and the parmesan with the beans! So good

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it.

  11. Preeti Shridhar says:

    An amazing recipe. Will be soon trying it out.

    1. Giangi Townsend says:

      Thank you and enjoy!

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